Renee Felice Smith Dreams of Working With Ryan Gosling in THIS Crime Show


Ryan Gosling is considered one of the most desirable men in the world. Moreover, he is one of the most coveted actors, with whom hundreds of actors and especially actresses dream of working. The actor is currently in the news because of his role as Ken in the upcoming movie “Barbie”.

He starred in The Grey Man alongside Chris Evans in 2022, in which he faced serious action. Considering the entire genre of the action movie in her repertoire, Renee Felice Smith from NCIS: Los Angeles recently spoke about her desire to work with the Barbie star in a crime series.

Renee Felice Smith wanted to work with Ryan Gosling

NCIS: Los Angeles is one of the longest running shows on American television. The first season of the show was first shown on television in 2009, and at the moment it has been running for more than 14 seasons. The show has a good crew and a strong cast, which includes such stars as Daniela Rua, Chris O’Donnell, Linda Hunt and Renee Felice Smith.

And one of the participants, Smith, who plays Nell Jones in the series, expressed a desire to work with Ryan Gosling. She told about it when she answered a fan’s question, saying that she had always wanted to work with a Canadian-American actor. According to Looper, she wrote: “Ideally, Nell would need to make him fall in love with her and keep acting for a very long time.”

In the series, she is madly in love with the technical operator Eric Beale, in real life it’s Gosling for Smith. In the series, there was always a critical situation of “Will they, won’t they?” between her and Eric Beale. Smith was in the series for more than 10 seasons, but left in the eleventh season along with co-star Barrett Foa, also known as Eric Beal. In fact, Gosling would be perfect for this role, as he has experience in both romantic (“Memory Diary”) and action films (“Gray Man”). Despite the fact that Smith’s dream of working with Gosling did not come true, she was pleased with the ending she received in the series.

Meanwhile, we will see Ryan Gosling in “Barbie”, which is scheduled for release on July 20 this year. Tell us in the comments if you’re excited about it.


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