Rendered Images of iPhone 12 Pro Revealed


New render images have emerged from the iPhone 12 series, which Apple will launch in the fall this year. A Twitter user created rendered images of the iPhone 12 Pro based on the information revealed.

A Twitter user named apple_idesigner shared the rendered images of the iPhone 12 Pro, one of the most anticipated phones of this year. The user created the rendered images of the phone based on the information, news and claims.

The iPhone 12 series, which will be introduced in October, is compared to the first generation iPhone 4 or iPhone SE. Of course, this comparison is made in terms of shape and case design, and it must be said that they really have similarities in this regard.

There will be no iPhone 12 at the September 15 event

Although Apple has officially announced the event to be organized on September 15, it has not announced which devices will be introduced at this event. We have bad news for those who expect the iPhone 12 series to be introduced at this event. Jon Prosser, a technology analyst, said that there will be no iPhone 12 series at this event.

In his post on his official Twitter account, Jon Prosser listed the products to be introduced at the event on September 15 as follows: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6 (or Apple Watch & Watch Pro), iPad Air 4 and iPad 8.Prosser, in addition to these He said that even though they were introduced, these will be the main focus and that the iPhone or AirPods Studio will not be introduced at this event.

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iPhone 12 Pro will be left without 120 Hz displays

October is pointed out in the claims regarding the introduction date of the new generation iPhone series. According to the news in Gizchina, orders for the iPhone 12 will be taken on October 15 – 16 and sales will begin within a week.

Apple ready to start mass production of iPhone 12

According to a new information, Apple is ready for mass production of the iPhone 12. The company expects 80 million 5G iPhones from all of its facilities by the end of the year, with the rest to be produced in early 2021. In addition, according to the allegations, this 80 million will make up 40% of the iPhone 12 Max.

According to the supply chain manager, Apple has managed to reduce delays from a few months to a few weeks. The final assembly of some iPhone 12 models will also be made in early October. Also, according to rumors, the company does not plan to produce a new iPhone SE version in 2021.


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