Render Images For Xiaomi 12 Pro Appeared


Xiaomi 12 Pro render images have appeared. Thanks to the rendered images, it is possible to see how the back and front surfaces of the device will be.

Rendered images of smartphones can give ideas to many users. In particular, users who pay attention to the designs of the phones care a lot about the rendered images. Previously, render images of many Xiaomi smartphones were leaked or appeared before the device was introduced. Xiaomi 12 Pro also joined the render image caravan today.

Xiaomi 12 Pro render images show us how the back of the device will be

In the render images of the Xiaomi 12 Pro, we can easily see how the camera setup on the device will be. The front and back surfaces of the device appear in the render images revealed by Gizmochina. The dot camera and handset part on the front surface attracts attention. On the back, there is a triple camera setup. Where the camera setup is, there is an LED flash and a piece that is estimated to be the LiDAR sensor placed just below it. However, the Xiaomi 12 Pro back cover shown yesterday contradicts the render images that emerged today.

Xiaomi 12 Pro back cover

There is a small scratch on the back cover shown yesterday where the LiDAR sensor coincided. A small space for the LiDAR sensor. Therefore, until the device is introduced, which part will remain a guess. Xiaomi 12 Pro render images show us not only the back of the device, but also how it looks from almost every direction.

In the render images, we can see the power input at the bottom of the device, a microphone and speaker holes right next to it. On the right side of the device, the power button and volume keys attract attention. There is also a speaker at the top of the device. This shows us that the Xiaomi 12 Pro will support Stereo sound. It is not yet clear when the device will be released.