Renault unveils the EZ-1 shared-use car prototype


The automaker Renault presented on Thursday (14) a new sub-brand of cars aimed at mobility services and open ecosystems for use, in addition to promoting sustainability in terms of energy consumption. It is Mobilize, which already had the first prototype unveiled.

The model is called the EZ-1 Prototype and has a compact and unconventional format. It has space for two occupants, transparent sides and a focus on shared use.

That is, you do not purchase the car itself, but you can unlock one of them for use on the streets from a mobile application, paying only for the journey – a function similar to the rental of bicycles and electric scooters.

The EZ-1 is completely electric, with zero carbon emissions, and has an innovative and even more economical battery exchange system. The model is manufactured using 50% recycled materials, and almost the entire structure can be recycled for future uses.

As it is a prototype, the EZ-1 should not be launched commercially and may undergo changes in appearance and operation until it becomes a model actually placed on the streets by Renault, for the time being without any prediction. New projects under the Mobilize sub-brand may be revealed soon.

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