Renault to showcase its new truck at ETS 2 for the first time


One of the leading games for those who love trucks and traveling, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is liked by many players thanks to its beautiful game experience. The simulation game, which takes you on a great journey with its wide map and realistic driving experiences, offers a realistic game experience with original vehicle brands.

Especially with the introduction of curfews due to the pandemic, the time spent in computer games has increased. Renault Trucks, the company that took the first step to evaluate this situation, will introduce its new truck for the first time online.

Renault’s new truck to make its debut in online game

French manufacturer Renault Trucks offers its fans a new and interactive experience. The company will introduce Renault Trucks T’s 2021 models in the truck driving simulation game Euro Truck Simulator 2 on April 6, 2021. Exterior design, driving position and cabin layout everything can be tested virtually in the game.

Renault Trucks, which you cannot experience in the game but for the well-being of the drivers; It made great improvements in terms of both driving comfort and in-car comfort. Increased level of security for drivers and their virtual users; Renault Trucks also played a central role in the development of the T, C and K series.

In its statement, the company announced that the drivers who want to call them to experience in sales stores whenever they want after the virtual promotion.