Renault 4 will be relaunched as an electric SUV soon


The classic Renault 4, which debuted on the European market in 1961, should be relaunched by the French automaker until the middle of this decade, but this time as an electric and body car different from the traditional one, according to Autocar magazine.

Manufactured until 1994 by Renault, the 4L, as it is also known, was sold as a hatchback. However, its electrified version will be launched as an SUV, to differentiate itself from the Renault 5, another old model of the brand that will gain an updated version with zero emissions, soon.

There is still little information about the electric Renault 4, but according to the publication it will use the CMF-B EV platform, the same on which the new R5 is being developed. That is, both versions are likely to share a number of components, including batteries and engines.

Retro design should also be present in both novelties, bringing a little of the design of the original models to the 21st century. The difference is that the 4 will be a taller vehicle with dimensions similar to those of a compact crossover, while the 5 will have a more sporty look and hatchback body.

Scheduled for launch in 2025

With a full schedule of launches of sustainable models for the coming years, the automaker should debut the electric Renault 4 only in 2025, possibly also making available a commercial version derived from the electric SUV without the rear seat, to facilitate cargo transportation.

Before him, the electric version of the Renault 5 will be launched, which is expected to reach the European market in 2023, one year after the debut of the Mégane eVision, a compact model whose focus is to compete with the VW ID.3.

It is speculated that Renault may retire sales champion Zoe when the two new retro trams are available at dealerships, a situation not confirmed by the brand.


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