Renal Failure Appeared in Patients Undergoing Coronavirus Treatment in the USA


A report by The New York Times reported that patients undergoing coronavirus treatment started to experience kidney failure. According to the news, the need for dialysis machines has increased significantly as a result.

The coronavirus, which has been spreading worldwide since December, has infected 2 million 300 thousand people and caused 161 thousand people to die according to the data confirmed to date. As the virus continues to spread, scientists and healthcare professionals continue to gain new information about the virus every day.

A news story from The New York Times revealed an unexpected effect of virus treatment. According to the report, an unexpected increase in renal failure has also been noted in patients undergoing coronavirus therapy in intensive care units. As a result of this increase, the need for dialysis machines for kidney failure, as well as artificial respiratory equipment, has increased significantly in the USA.

There is no clear information yet that the virus targets the kidneys:
The New York Times reported that doctors warned that most COVID-19 patients are suffering from kidney failure. In the article, it was mentioned that a limited number of dialysis machines had to make a ‘life and death calculation’ for which patient.

Although we have learned a lot of information about the effects of coronavirus to date, some of this information may be incorrect. The information that patients face kidney failure is currently in need of confirmation. The New York Times said in its report that there is no clear information about whether the virus targets the kidneys, and whether the kidney damage is permanent or unknown.

In the news of The New York Times, the opinions of Yale University Nephrology Specialist Doctor Alan Kliger were conveyed. Alan Kliger stated that nephrologists estimate that 20% to 40% of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units have kidney failure. However, he added that dialysis machine resources in hospitals are running out quickly.

Doctor David Charytan, who worked at The New York University Langone Medical Center, also made a statement on the subject. David Charytan, ‘Everybody thought it was a respiratory disease. Kidney failure did not attract anyone’s attention. ”

Let us remind you that the effect of kidney failure mentioned in the news by The New York Times is in need of confirmation and there is no clear information about this issue.


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