Ren Zhengfei: Huawei will create heroes!


Chief Executive Officer Ren Zhengfei spoke both for his current head of Huawei and for other Chinese companies. The Chinese entrepreneur thinks that the embargo imposed by the President of the United States of America Donald Trump will play an important role in achieving better results. So what will be the fate of Chinese companies, according to Zhengfei?

Ren Zhengfei hopeful for Huawei and other Chinese companies

The 75-year-old experienced manager stated that his company had a hard time, but still trained talented personnel. Zhengfei considered it an opportunity to prevent the US Department of Commerce from doing business with Chinese companies.

Many companies that cannot sell any technology to Huawei company without permission from the USA hope that this restriction will be lifted, but we can say that there is no such possibility for now. The Chief Executive complained that thousands of products were constantly being changed because of Trump’s arbitrary decisions.

Zhengfei thinks these challenges will allow Chinese firms to create “heroes”. Saying that Chinese companies can be shaken but not destroyed, Huawei CEO stated that he works with more than 90 thousand people for research and development projects.

Claiming that his company would also create “heroes”, Ren Zhengfei claimed that there was no such research and development team in Western companies. Based on this, we can understand that China is working intensively to create national heroes and to be remembered with success stories in history.

Do you think the statements made by Ren Zhengfei are realistic? We are waiting your comments.


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