Removing the charger saves Apple $ 1 billion


Anyone who was still “wiping” Apple, claiming that it removed the iPhones chargers from the box focusing on the planet’s sustainability, may be surprised by this new information. It seems that the technology giant will be able to save more than R $ 1 billion in the removal of the object from the packaging of the brand’s devices, even encompassing line 11 models.

In 2020 Apple surprised several iPhone users, especially those who were already looking at line 12, by announcing that they would be removing the charger from the packaging, just in the year that there was a change in the cabling format used by the company to plug in the accessory , causing those who owned the device of other generations to keep “useless” objects in the drawer.

One of the big points that may have in fact influenced the brand to make this removal, is the increase in production costs of the iPhone 12, which is 21% more expensive than its predecessor, making other cuts necessary to compensate and maintain a good profit margin.

However, according to a survey published by Counterpoint Research, in the contents of the box, the company is managing to save US $ 4.20 (~ R $ 22.25) for each cell phone sold without charger and headphones. , something that, taking into account the high demand for the new models, represents a billion dollar reduction in spending.

Taking into account the latest survey, Apple has already managed to sell approximately 63 million iPhones, where the savings generated by removing accessories from the packaging can be US $ 264 million (~ R $ 1.4 billion). Thus, the Cupertino giant manages to recover losses in production because of the strategic decision, which has been highly criticized since it was revealed.

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