Remove the notification counter without entering the app


Discover how to remove notifications with red numbers from WhatsApp that shows the number of unread messages

The most popular instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, has become an essential part of daily communication between users, especially after the pandemic, where distance has been a key factor for the well-being of all, so never it is worth knowing tricks of the application, such as hiding the notification counter in red.

Thanks to WhatsApp, people can message and call their friends and family during confinement, they can also share their videos, photographs, stickers with sound in a fun way and even a solution was found to work remotely to send documents and make video calls.

Hence the importance of shielding WhatsApp, ensuring the content of the conversations and exploiting all the functions to the maximum. In case you want to be completely discreet and keep the red notification counter that appears above the WhatsApp image hidden, keep reading below.

Notification counter in WhatsApp

Although the red notification indicators are very useful to keep in mind the pending issues that we have to solve within each application, this can represent a distributor for those who need a time of concentration, or for those who want to keep incoming messages hidden in your WhatsApp.

When lending the phone or being distracted, the notification counter that marks the number of unread messages within the messaging application can arouse someone else’s curiosity, so it is best not to take risks and eliminate this indicator. Best of all, you don’t need to download external programs or applications, you just have to make some adjustments on your Android phone.

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Customize your notifications

The first option is also the simplest, press and hold the WhatsApp icon from Samsung phones and some Huawei, to display the option to Delete alert.

In case the function does not appear, then you can follow this alternative that applies to most Android devices with WhatsApp:

Enter the smartphone Settings.
Select Applications.
Display the menu, clicking on the three vertical dots located in the upper right part.
Choose Show system processes, as shown in the image:
Look through the Badge Provider options.
Click on Storage and Delete data.

Ready! You will see the red indicator of unread conversations on WhatsApp disappear without having to enter the application, although it will also remove all counters from other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

If you want to hide the red counter only from WhatsApp, you can always completely turn off the notifications of the application from the settings. It is important to mention that the process may vary depending on the phone model


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