Remote Access Period to Tesla Vehicles with Chainlink


External adapter software, which enables remote access to Tesla cars, was published in Chainlink Market. Thanks to this developed adapter, Tesla vehicle owners will be able to access their vehicles remotely.

The Chainlink adapter, published by Harry Papacharissiou, a blockchain developer, uses the feature-rich user interface developed by Tesla. The adapter named “Link My Ride” is very smart according to the information provided by its developer. With the adapter, operations such as authentication, locking and unlocking the vehicle or pressing the vehicle horn can be performed.

A token contract integration is required to connect specific hardware to the adapter. Chainlik oracle infrastructure is used in the software to speed up the operations made with the adapter. You can access the demo video explaining how the software works by clicking here.

Tesla vehicles already have internal adapters, but it is possible to add customized functionality to the vehicles with external adapters developed later. Thanks to such software produced using the Tesla API, not only tools but also other products developed by Tesla, such as Powerwall, can be accessed remotely.

Centerless car rental feature can also come

Stating that the software will be developed further, Papacharissiou stated that 20 more APIs will come to the node. While the developer talked about the ideas in his mind, he announced that one of them could be a decentralized car rental innovation. According to the statements of Papacharissiou, traditional car rental methods prevent vehicle owners from saving up to 30%. Stating that people rent vehicles depending on the brand power, the developer states that with the decentralized rental method, the earnings from the vehicles they rent will remain with them.

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