Remembering The Old Days, Will Smith Shared This Charming Post With David Letterman


Will Smith recreated a charming pose with David Letterman. After months of hiding, Will Smith is finally getting back to normal. The actor rose from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest stars in the world today. During this period, the world saw how he turned from a comedian into an action hero.

The actor is still very much loved for his personality even outside of films. He regularly appeared in public, came to visit and gave interviews. Unfortunately, his Oscar fiasco stopped it all. After several months of working undercover, he gradually begins to come out of hiding to reintroduce himself to the world.

What did Will Smith write about himself and David Letterman?

Will Smith smiles again. The actor published a fresh post about himself with the former host of the “Late Show” David Letterman. The duo recreated the pose in which they join their palms, joining their hands. Just like many years ago when he appeared in the series. It was signed: “The sequel to Hitch, which no one asked for.”

The re-creation is special for everyone, it is made more than two decades after the original. The original interview took place back in 2008, when the world only saw his potential. Since then, Smith and Letterman’s lives have changed.

However, after that, the actor “I am Legend” appeared in the series several more times. Their relationship has clearly not changed since then. The 2008 interview also took place years after the movie “Hitch”. Right now, Will, who is trying to restore his public image, is considering the idea of creating Hitch 2.

The original film was a great success, in which he starred alongside Eva Mendes. It is also considered one of the best romantic comedy films of all time, at least by devoted fans. Mendes expressed a desire to participate in the sequel. Perhaps Letterman could also take part. Meanwhile, Smith’s 63 million Instagram fans can enjoy his social media posts.


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