Remember When Ryan Gosling Showed Interest in Star Wars and Wanted to Be Part of The Skywalker Family?


Back in 2013, Ryan Gosling was looking for a commercial film to break away from the “indie movie star” stereotype in which he was trapped. The actor wanted to prove that he would be just as good in a commercial film.

And Gosling’s hunt began just in time for the D23 fan convention, where fans were excited to learn more about JJ. Episode VII of Abrams’ Star Wars. Speculation surrounding Ryan Gosling, who played a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, has become completely wild.

Was Ryan Gosling going to be a part of Star Wars?

With top-notch storytelling and effective marketing, Star Wars is one of the most popular multimedia franchises of all time. So when the Latino Review wrote in 2013 that Ryan Gosling had talked to the Disney team about portraying Luke’s son, it became a byword. According to the source, Gosling wasn’t the only star willing to join the franchise.

The beloved of the school musical Zac Efron and Jack from Titanic also really wanted to be part of the franchise. But Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio abandoned the project due to previous commitments. And Gosling’s team told the Huffington Post that “it’s not true” regarding the “Star Wars” rumors.

Why didn’t Gosling appear in Star Wars?

Given that Ryan Gosling was ready to take a long break from acting, fans had doubts about his role in Star Wars. The Notebook actor has been playing since the age of thirteen. He has given us countless gems from Blue Valentine to Lard and Real Girl. Therefore, he spoke about the desire to take a break from the bright moments in his interview with AP. And he did just that.

After announcing his break, Gosling tried himself as a director in The Lost River. Later, in 2015, the actor returned with The Big Short, and since then, the Canadian star’s business has only gone uphill. And while we didn’t get to see Gosling return to his first home, Disney, we’ve seen the actor in much more mind-blowing films.

From “La La Land” to “Nice Guys,” Ryan Gosling has proven that he doesn’t need a major movie franchise to call himself a star. Currently, the Academy Award-winning actor is working on the film “The Actor” based on the book by Donald E. Westlake.

Do you think an actor would be suitable for the “Star Wars” franchise? Let us know in the comments below.


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