Remember When Jennifer Aniston Wanted a Man With a “Ryan Gosling vibe”?


Jennifer Aniston seems to have acquired a magic potion that gives her the power to reverse aging. Every day the actress becomes only more beautiful. Her latest stunning photo shoot for Allure magazine is a true testament to her eternal beauty. So what does it say about the man Aniston faints from? You guessed right. This is Canadian heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

Back in 2013, Jennifer Aniston made a delightful and accurate statement explaining the reasons why Ryan Gosling is everyone’s love. What do you think caused this revelation?

Jennifer Aniston once hoped for the quality of Ryan Gosling in a man

Do you remember the 5th episode of the 3rd season of the TV series “FRIENDS” called “The episode with Frank Jr.”? While the main narrative presented Phoebe’s half-brother, in a side storyline Ross was choosing celebrities he would like to include in his list. Years later, while promoting his film We Are the Millers on BBC Radio 1, host Chris Stark asked Aniston a similar question about her fantasy list.

— Do you have a list of normal people that you like? — the owner was surprised.

The Rumor actress, clearly amused by the funny question, quickly replied “no.” The presenter then informed the gorgeous star that she would probably be “in the top five guys in the UK.” Although Aniston admitted that there are no non-celebrities on her wish list, she was referring to the dapper actor. When the host couldn’t figure out why Ryan Gosling was leading most fantasy lists for girls, Aniston was more than happy to explain.

“Don’t you understand? You should have a bit of a Ryan Gosling vibe. It’s kind of innocent, very cute, but still, you know, there’s a lot more going on,” the Marley & Me actress illustrated.

Based on her well-composed description, it seemed like Aniston would be more than happy with Ryan Gosling, or at least someone with a similar quality on her list. Jennifer Aniston is currently starring in the second season of the popular Apple TV+ series called “Good Morning America”. The audience and critics really liked Aniston’s performance in the show.

Do you agree with Aniston’s description of Ryan Gosling? Will the star of “La La Land” get on your list? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch the series “Grey Man” on Netflix.


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