Remember When Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds Interfered With Hugh Jackman’s Video by Performing From The Bed?


It all started in 2009, when Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman co-starred in the movie “X-Men: The Beginning”. This was the first time Reynolds played Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool. The feud between the two actors has been going on ever since. The sworn enemies trolled each other on social media and entertained their fans. This is a throwback to the time when Hugh Jackman tried to record a birthday video, but Deadpool interrupted him with his musical performance.

Both actors will appear again in the 2024 film Deadpool 3. Hugh Jackman will once again play the role of Wolverine, which fans have been waiting for for so long. The duo unknowingly hinted to the fandom about the reunion when Jackman was trying to shoot a birthday video for someone, and the Free Guy actor, dressed in a Merc with the Mouth costume, intervened.

Ryan Reynolds interrupted Hugh Jackman with his musical performance

While the energetic actor is eager to perform at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony, Hugh Jackman resisted and urged fans not to support him. Well, because actor Logan had the experience of listening to Deadpool sing. In 2018, an Australian actor tried to record a video for someone’s birthday. But Reynolds, dressed as Deadpool, was lying on the bed and singing songs. Here is a video in which the talented singer and Jackman are interrupted.

With a signature: “When you try to record a heartfelt birthday greeting… but you are interrupted by the least outstanding showman,” Wolverine posted the video on his Facebook account. Deadpool even answered the classic question by singing the classic Baha Men hit, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Well, the Deadpool actor may have mocked his buddy’s movie “The Greatest Showman” by singing Annie’s “Tomorrow.” And Jackman also played along with his sworn enemy.

Well, while the whole world knows about the online feud between the Canadian actor and Jackman, did you know that these two are actually very close to each other? Well, while we’re waiting for “Deadpool 3”, tell us what you like most about this duet. What are your favorite moments with Deadpool and Wolverine? Share them with us in the comments box below during the broadcast of “X-Men: The Origin of Wolverine” on Disney.


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