Remember how Ryan Reynolds reacted to being mistaken for Ryan Gosling on the Grey Man poster


There have been countless stories of fans approaching stars and mistaking them for someone else. Most often, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt faced fans who mistook them for each other. Although they fulfilled the requests of the fans instead of breaking their hearts, nevertheless, the news agency becomes a little embarrassed to point out the wrong stars. And it really happened one day during the promo of “Grey Man”, when Reynolds was mistaken for his colleague-Canadian actor Ryan Gosling.

The actor reacted to the mistake, but cheekily, as befits the funniest guy in Hollywood!

Reynolds tweeted that he had a great series when he was mistaken for Ryan Gosling in “The Grey Man.”
The $200 million film has become the most anticipated project on Netflix this year. Starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. It was Gosling’s Courtland Gentry, an experienced mercenary who accidentally revealed the dark secret of the CIA. This prompted the CIA to announce a search, which was headed by the abnormal Llyod Hansen from Evan. Before the release of The Grey Man, Netflix released several promo images to interest the audience. But in particular, News18 confused both Canadian stars with the same names.

I’m on fire right now.

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) April 27, 2022

They reported that Ryan Reynolds starred alongside Chris Evans in the Russo Brothers action movie. And it became known to the owner of Wrexham AFC. In response to the post, he did not correct the error, but instead tweeted how he had such a glorious 2022.

Well, the father of three really had a very good year. His latest work with Netflix, The Adam Project, became a hit and remained at the top of the charts for many months. He then prepares for Deadpool 3, in which his best friend Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine.

Evans did have a cameo role in Reynolds’ “Free Guy,” but Gosling and Reynolds haven’t shared screen space together yet. The first one will appear in Barbie next year along with Margot Robbie.

Did Ryan’s tweet make you laugh?


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