Remember How Kate Middleton Gave Prince Harry an Obscene Set For Christmas?


Despite the seemingly deteriorating relationship between Prince Harry and the royal family, the only member who still communicates subtly with the Duke is none other than his kind and loving sister—in-law Kate Middleton. There were even rumors that, although the two sides will soon face a complete rift, the Princess of Wales is still trying to check on her estranged son-in-law and his family from California. Moreover, we are almost on the threshold of Christmas, it’s time to remember some of the most hilarious Christmas stories about Kate and Harry in those days.

Exchanging gifts between family members during Christmas is an exciting activity for everyone. And when you are a member of the royal family, all the excitement doubles because of the grandeur and majestic gifts that the members of the Palace present to each other. However, Kate Middleton went off course when it came to giving a gift to her underage son-in-law, Prince Harry. According to reports, the Duchess gave the Duke what we call a “sex toy.”

Kate Middleton once gave Prince Harry a sex toy for Christmas.

According to Grazia, a well-known magazine dedicated to women’s fashion, listed everything that the newlywed Kate Middleton gave to each member of the family. It turned out that the Duchess chose gifts for everyone depending on their personality. Accordingly, she believed that the “Grow Up Your Girlfriend” set was the perfect gift for Prince Harry, who was 27 years old at the time. This decision of the Duchess has always been the highlight of her relationship with Harry, noting that it was one of sincere laughter and jokes.


Among others on the list, Charles, the current monarch, received a homemade one. Her Majesty, the late Queen, received a bottle of Floris perfume and, finally, a beanie hat for her beloved husband, Prince William. Speaking of Christmas gifts, another case that became a byword was that Meghan Markle gave the late queen a pet hamster. Given the former Queen’s love of pet dogs, Markle thought it would be the perfect gift for her for Christmas. And it is very good that Her Majesty considered it worthy to accompany her corgis.

Nevertheless, Christmas this time will be completely different for the royal family. Families are now separated, and unpleasant disputes may well prevent members of the royal family from uniting on this occasion.

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