Remaster Edition of Fantasy Crystal Chronicles


Square Enix released a remaster version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, which it released years ago for Game Cube, for the iOS and Android platform. The version, prepared in accordance with the original story of the game, seems to enchant Final Fantasy fans.

Square Enix, which achieved great popularity especially with the Final Fantasy series, released a game called “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles” for the game console named GameCube in 2003. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, which appeared as an action-packed RPG game, had become a phenomenon when it was released.

Although the years that have passed have dropped players’ interest in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, this game has never been forgotten. As such, the Square Enix team recently presented a “remaster” version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for various platforms. This game can now be played on Android and iOS platforms.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles takes place in a fantasy land threatened by a toxic gas. In this game, which you can play with up to three friends, you are trying to protect the lives of the people in the country by pursuing a very rare liquid. Of course, important difficulties arise in this process.

The Android and iOS versions of the game have been developed based on the original story. The developer team, which adapts the general dynamics and quality of the game to today, offers Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles fans an impressive experience. Moreover, players can expand their experience in the game a little more by purchasing additional packages of this game for a certain fee, if they wish.

The game is now released and both iOS and Android users can access the remaster version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. However, for the time being, Final Fantasy fans in our country cannot download these games. The developer team will probably present the game to the players in our country in the future.


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