Remarkable Statements From Florida Governor: Will Cryptocurrency Be Accepted in Tax Payments?


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that businesses are conducting various studies to accept cryptocurrencies for tax payments. DeSantis also brought some criticism to the executive order signed by US President Joe Biden, arguing that cryptocurrencies have a different structure to the digital dollar.

Important Statements From Florida Governor

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, at a conference he attended on March 22, announced that businesses are carrying out some work to accept crypto money in tax payments and that they are in contact with relevant government agencies in this context. DeSantis also brought some criticism to the executive order of US President Joe Biden, which will play a large role in crypto regulations. Emphasizing the concept of decentralization, DeSantis argued that cryptocurrencies have a completely different structure to the digital dollar.

Crypto Regulations in the USA

In recent years, many regulatory institutions in the USA have emphasized the risk many times, expressing that serious measures should be taken regarding cryptocurrencies. However, many US politicians, such as the Mayor of New York, also expressed their positive thoughts on the subject, arguing that crypto money should be accepted in tax payments. After a period of uncertainty, US President Joe Biden has recently signed an executive order that will guide crypto regulations. Despite some criticism, the executive order received significant support from many crypto advocates and US politicians.