Remarkable Statement from the Analyst: “These Levels in ETH/BTC Parity Could Be a Warning Sign!”


Cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten evaluated the latest situation in the market and the current technical view in his new Youtube broadcast. The analyst warned investors of potential dangers in altcoins.

Analyst Evaluates Current Technical Outlook

Evaluating the technical outlook in the crypto money market in his new Youtube broadcast, the analyst drew attention to the current levels in the ETH / BTC parity. The analyst warned investors, arguing that the current ETH/BTC parity is approaching critical support levels with 0.066, and if the 0.06 levels are lost, higher decreases in altcoins may be triggered.

Cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten, who warned investors by drawing attention to the critical levels in the ETH/BTC parity, emphasized a “warning sign” in his assessment on the subject:

“In case of loss of 0.06 levels in ETH/BTC pair, this could be a really big warning sign for prices.”

Cryptocurrency Market Has Fallen Again With Current Developments

Bitcoin (BTC) fell again at night, according to the breaking news of Bloomberg, and pinned the price levels of $ 37,170. In breaking news, Bloomberg claimed that US President Joe Biden will sign a decree within the week that will outline the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market fell again with the impact of the news. Ethereum touched the $2,445 price levels, albeit momentarily.

With the recovery of the market to a certain extent, Bitcoin rose to the price levels of $ 38,300 after the latest price movements, while Ethereum (ETH) began to be traded at the price levels of $ 2,515.

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