Remarkable similarities between the famous DC character.


Most of The Boys superheroes are modeled after the popular mainstream superheroes. Does A-Train really match The Flash? This is how the two are similar.

Superhuman speed

A-Train overdoses on Compound V during competition to reach a speed of 1,000 mph (1,609.34 kph or Mach 1.3). This is his highest speed ever recorded in The Boys but The Flash can do more.

The speed of The Flash, unlike The Boys’ A-train, is limitless. He is capable of reaching Mach 3.3 on his own in the Arrowverse. And after increasing its Speed ​​Force connection, it reaches speeds of Mach 13.2.

Improved metabolism

The work that The Boys’ A-Train and DC’s The Flash did to run and dodge things takes a lot of energy. Fortunately, both are endowed with an improved metabolism that prevents their bodies from burning.

Regenerative healing factor

The molecules in The Flash’s body and The Boys’ A-train move at accelerated rates, allowing it to repair damage caused by external forces much faster than ordinary humans.

Accelerated perception

The high speeds of The Boys’ A-Train allow you to perceive the environment around you as if everything was stopped. Thanks to this ability, he manages to see and dodge Starlight’s energy blasts before they hit him just like The Flash.

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