Remarkable processor claim for the new iPad Pro


Apple is expected to introduce new iPad models soon. According to sources that closely follow the company, the iPad Pro series will be replaced with a processor similar to Apple’s M1 processor.

Apple is expected to introduce its new iPad Pros next month. In the past, there were reports that the company could renew the iPad mini. This new iPad mini is said to have smaller bezels similar to those of the iPad Air. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to meet this new iPad mini in April.

The most striking aspect of the new iPad Pros seems to be the processor. It is said that Apple will renew iPad Pros with a processor similar to the M1 processor that Apple has started to use on Macs. It will not be a surprise that the processor in question settles at a level similar to the M1 in terms of performance.

Advanced cameras are also among the features mentioned. No change is expected in general appearance and dimensions. It is said that the mini LED panel will be preferred in the 12.9 inch screen model. It is stated that this new panel will look brighter and the contrast level will increase compared to the old iPad Pro.

According to allegations, the new iPad Pro will also feature a Thunderbolt port. In this way, it will be possible to use the tablet with monitors, hard drives or other accessories. The base speed of this port is also expected to be higher than the standard USB-C port.


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