Remarkable new features for zoom are on the way


Zoom, which has become the most used video call platform in the world with its growth during the pandemic period, shared the innovations it will soon present on its platform at the Zoomtopia 2020 event, which it carried out online.

New features to be added to Zoom soon

OnZoom: A unique online event platform where Zoom users can organize paid, free and fundraising events. Event owners will be able to reach new audiences while growing their business and contribute to the society with the donation integration that will come to the system. Zoom users will be able to explore these events; They will be able to register for new experiences with additional functions such as ticket gifts, favorite events and exhibitor boards where they can follow brands The feature will be available as an open beta by users in the US starting today and will be able to participate in events of key content partners and SMEs such as WW (formerly Weight Watchers) on Click here to learn more about OnZoom.

New end-to-end encryption (E2EE) feature: This optional feature is available to everyone in the technical preview, while paid and free users will be able to use the feature next week. The feature, which can be activated at the account, group and user level, can be turned on or off on a meeting basis by the meeting hosts, according to the settings made by the administrator. When enabled, the Zoom E2EE feature will encrypt the communication between meeting participants using the Zoom application with cryptographic keys known only to those users’ devices. With E2EE, no third party will be able to access the meeting’s private key, including Zoom. Click here to learn more about the E2EE feature.

Customizable Software Development Packages: Zoom has added new enhancements to its SDKs (software development packages) that enable developers and companies to enrich custom video-based applications using the Zoom platform and can be used on Android, iOS and the web. It’s easier for developers to add high-quality voice and instant messaging to their apps by taking advantage of a customizable user interface and session control. Click here to learn more about the customizable SDK.

Zapps: Zapps allows developers to create applications that provide workflows before, during and after the meeting. Zoom offers applications developed by first and third parties for real-time adaptation to the meeting experience. Zapps was designed to provide developers with a fast and flexible webview workspace for IT deployment, manageability, viral deployment, and application development. For the announcement of the feature, you can view the demo videos of more than 25 business partners who joined Zoom at Click to get more information about Zapps.

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Unified communications platform enhancements: Zoom has also added new functionality to the unified communications platform core.

  1. Immersive scenes: With immersive scenes, hosts are given the opportunity to set a custom background theme for their conversation or create plans where participant videos can be played embedded in a scene that everyone can share in a classroom or court environment.
  2. Zoom for Home: DTEN ME support, Zoom in Portal application, Facebook and Zoom Room applications have been opened to everyone. Amazon Echo Show, DTEN on TV, Smart Displays using Google Assistant, including Nest Hub Max, and Yealink A20 will be supported at the end of the year. Additional hardware offers from HP, Lenovo and Neat will be introduced in 2021.
  3. Contactless collaboration: Zoom Rooms meeting experiences can be controlled with extended voice commands and simplified pairing of personal devices.
  4. Expanded whiteboard experience: Whiteboard improvements have been made to enable continuous collaboration on mobile, desktop and Rooms.
  5. Zoom Rooms smart gallery: Using Artificial Intelligence, the Zoom Rooms smart gallery feature will show the gallery view to the attendees in the room to offer better face-to-face communication between in-office or distant participants.
  6. Zoom Phone features: It will alert security team members and 911 operators simultaneously with the E911, thanks to the integration of Zoom Digital Signage and Zoom Chat, employees will be informed and operators will be guided. Other new Zoom Phone features include Team SMS and AI-powered spam detection and blocking.
  7. Extended Webinar features: Reactions, workshop (breakout) rooms, customized lobbies and briefing rooms.
  8. Video Waiting Rooms: Hosts will be able to add attendees to the meeting after seeing them in the waiting room.
  9. High Sound Quality: With the help of AI, Zoom will be able to automatically detect when to turn on Hi-Fi mode.
  10. Personal workspace hardware certification: Due to the widespread use of long-term remote work, personal work devices are also added to the Zoom hardware certification program. Additional types of hardware include personal and portable USB and Bluetooth speakers such as the new Poly Sync 20, webcams, and all-in-one desktop computers.


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