Remarkable new claim for OnePlus Watch


Rumors about OnePlus launching a smartwatch have been around since 2014. However, despite the intervening six years, this claim has not turned into reality. It appeared some time ago that the company developed the smart watch, but then stopped releasing this watch. Rumors about the watch known as the OnePlus Watch had also flared up a while ago. The company also confirmed that it was working on a smartwatch.

In parallel with the flaring of the rumors, new news about the OnePlus Watch are also coming to the agenda. The most recent of these news is about the operating system of the smart watch. In previous rumors, it was claimed that the smartwatch will work with Google’s Wear OS platform. But the most recent leak indicates a different situation.

Duyumcu Max Jambor stated in his post on his Twitter account that the Wear OS operating system will not be used in OnePlus’ smartwatch. Although there is no information about what OnePlus will prefer over Wear OS in this post, it is remarkable that it is stated that Wear OS will not be used.

It will not be a surprise that we will hear new information about OnePlus Watch in the coming period. These will also be related to the smart watch’s operating system. It seems likely that the company will prefer a self-developed enterprise system platform over Wear OS.

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