Remarkable innovation in Google Maps Android app


Dark mode for the Google Maps Android app seems to be out of circulation. According to the information given by Reddit users, dark mode is activated with the version number 10.51.1 of the application on Android 11 devices.

It is thought that Google is gradually deploying dark mode for the Maps Android app. Because not everyone who installs the latest version of the application can see the dark mode among the theme options.

There are three options in front of the users in the appearance option in the settings menu: “Light theme”, “Dark theme” and “Default device theme”. In other words, even those who use the phone with a light theme can switch to the dark theme in Google Maps.

The automatic switch to night mode during navigation has been available for a long time in the Google Maps Android app. However, this feature was not reflected in the menu or on the maps in general. This situation is changing with the new update.


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