Remarkable explanations for iPad Air 4 from Apple!


Apple recently introduced the fourth generation iPad Air. Bob Borchers, Vice President of Product Marketing and John Ternus, Vice President of Hardware Engineering, explained the tablet’s development process in a podcast.

Apple argues that the iPad Air 4 is an engineering feat!

The most striking point of the new iPad Air, which we share with you all the details, especially the features and price, is its design. In this design that brings to mind the iPad Pro at first glance, the fingerprint reader has been integrated into the power key.

Bob Borchers says that this power button, which looks like a small detail, is actually the product of a great engineering work. He stated that Touch ID has a much narrower area in the power button compared to the home button, and the sensitivity needed for fingerprint reading to be successful has increased.

In addition, it is stated that in the cellular model offered to LTE support, the antenna is located at the top. It was stated that the power key, the fingerprint reader, is located on the top, so it is not easy for both to work smoothly.

John Ternus stated that intensive engineering work has been carried out to ensure that the sensor provides the same level of security as previous models, while Borchers underlined that thanks to the launch of the Neural Engine, the new iPad Air has more processing power on the device.

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