Relive the main events of 2020 in 2D game for browsers


The developer Max Garkavyy has created a witty free platform for browsers in which we live the main events of this past year.

2020 The Game is a simple yet witty 2D platformer created by developer Max Garkavyy that reviews the main events of this past year 2020 with a point of humor; And the best of all is that it can be played from any internet browser, whether for PC or mobile, completely free of charge. A unique opportunity to relive one of the most complicated years of the last decades marked mainly by the coronavirus health crisis, in addition to other key events that are also reflected in this comical side-scrolling game.

A review of 2020 in a video game key

Thus, and through a simple two-dimensional pixel art-looking lateral advance platforms, players relive the main events of a fateful 2020 globally; so much so, that through an avatar we are advancing in the purest style of platforms of the 80s while we dodge the main obstacles of last year, from COVID-19 to the fires in Australia, through the fall of the markets, the queues in supermarkets before lockdown (with a special nod to toilet paper), the rise of TikTok or the US elections, among others.

Rescue koalas in Australia and collect all the toilet paper you can while eliminating the coronavirus with the vaccine; And don’t forget to pick up the mask for extra life. All this to reach the end of a 2020 that will remain etched in our minds and finally welcome a new year full of hope … Or not? Of course, the epilogue is most tragicomic.

According to Max Garkavyy himself, 2020 The Game is his first game and he encourages players to make a donation at the end of such a short but intense adventure so that he can leave his “boring office job” to devote himself fully to video game development.


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