Relief! Research concludes that mutations of the new coronavirus did not make it more aggressive


In the midst of so much chaos, good news: the new coronavirus is not becoming more aggressive due to genetic mutations that have been suffering when in contact with other viruses or from the human body. Who says that is a study by University College London (UCL), which took into account the genetic sequencing of the virus extracted from 15,000 patients who had the disease confirmed, in at least 75 countries.

The curiosity that started to drive this type of research came when some countries started to experience the second wave of contamination. In China, for example, scientists and health officials were intrigued that the virus now seemed to take much longer to manifest symptoms in the human body, and were investigating possible greater harm.

The UCL identified at least 6,800 mutations of the new coronavirus, of which 31 were repeated in at least nine other cases and were generated independently. The results pointed out that there is no evidence that the mutations improved the infectious potential of the virus, and in some cases, the mutations were slightly harmful to the coronavirus itself.

The study has not yet undergone academic review and is about to be published in scientific journals, which will support the work of researchers at University College London.

Therefore, the work of the world health authorities, scientists and researchers remains focused on finding a combative solution to Covid-19. China has successfully tested a vaccine that has created an immune response in selected human subjects. Brazil is preparing to start tests with a hyperimmune serum to be obtained from horses.

It is worth emphasizing, however, that there is still no medicine to cure Covid-19 patients. Be wary of miraculous home remedies, and pay attention to the content you share online: in some states it is already paying a fine for those who distribute fake news about the new coronavirus.


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