Relic Ruins In Horizon Forbidden West: Where Are They And How To Complete Them


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the Relic Ruins available in Horizon Forbidden West as well as tell you the method to achieve 100% completion. In Horizon Forbidden West we find plenty of locations of interest as we explore the open world map. Cauldrons, viewpoints, collectibles… there is much to do and discover and as part of this complete guide we help you find it all. Specifically, in this post we focus on the relic ruins that we can find from the moment we venture into the Forbidden West.

Relic Ruins: Where Are They And How To Complete Them

Somewhat convoluted to complete, with locked doors with security codes and stage puzzles, learn to reach the relic hidden by the 9 ruins effortlessly thanks to our directions and sign on the map to find them all. As a final reward we can have the option to change the lights of all of Las Vegas in its new post-apocalyptic version located in Calmarenas.