The Most Reliable, Free and Ad-free VPN Application You Can Use:


Cloudflare, one of the most experienced companies in the internet world, made the DNS protocol a mobile application. We explain how to use, which is free, ad-free and offers a faster connection than other applications.

DNS and VPN have come to the rescue of internet users for years, who want to connect to the internet faster, freer and more secure. With the mobilization of the internet, more devices are connected, more information is available on the internet networks. So it is very natural that we have security concerns.

Apart from that, it is not always possible to overcome internet access problems in our country or region. The IP address of the non-profit Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) ( comes into play at such times. Agreeing with Cloudflare, a leader in areas such as internet security and server services, APNIC has created one of the most reliable and useful VPN applications on the market.

So how is the application used?
Download the app and open it,
Read and accept the terms and conditions,
When you come to the screen, you will see a big button,
Activate this bot,
The application will want to install a VPN profile on your phone,
Give approval,
You will see the “key” symbol in the notification bar,
This symbol means that you are connected to the VPN network.
Now you can surf the internet with unlimited VPN quota without seeing ads.

For those who have speed problems, there are 2 options in the application: Standard VPN connection with WARP: Second option for those with speed and privacy issues
When you activate the VPN connection for the first time in the application, you actually meet all the conditions to access the sites that are blocked from access. Sometimes, however, some users experience low speed connectivity due to their connection speed and region. If this is the case, you may notice your “Enable with WARP feature free, which is a more private internet” article below.

You can try to increase your connection speed with the second option of the application with the Activate button next to the warning. WARP, which Cloudflare offers as an additional feature, has been added as an extra feature that is said to improve the connection speed. We tried the second option for you, although it didn’t always work, we found it to be much faster than other VPN apps and the standard connection.

So what is WARP +?
Standard services of the application are quite sufficient. However, Cloudflare also offers WARP +, which is even safer and faster, to users who wish. Users who wish can invite their friends to earn 1 GB WARP + connection and try this feature of the application. However, as we said, the first 2 options, which are already free, are enough for VPN seekers.

Why is the most reliable application, who is behind the application?
Cloudflare, a US-based company, offers services related to internet security and domain servers that protect websites against DDoS attacks. Of course, since it is a private company, you can ask why not to use the information obtained over the VPN network.

This is where the agreement that Cloudflare made and which allows us to use application is entering. The company is able to offer this application through an agreement with the non-profit organization Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC). APNIC is just one of the five largest Network Information Centers in the world.

Where does the application store our data?
Cloudflare has been a leader in trust in this area for many years, as its core service is a network security company. The company “promises” to store its data on its own servers for implementation. If you wish, you can reach the Privacy Policy page here. On the relevant page, you can clearly see what data your application has collected. Also on the map above, there are all servers owned by Cloudflare.

As a result, nothing in the internet environment is 100% reliable. However, is one of the most stable and secure options in the market instead of insecure, data breach, advertised and paid applications in application markets. In addition, may share your information with official authorities upon official requests from government agencies.

How to use CloudFlare DNS on Mac and Windows computers
Windows settings:
Click the start menu,
Click on Control Panel,
Click Network and Internet,
Click Change Adapter Settings,
Right click on the Wi-Fi network (or wired network) you are connecting to,
Then click on the Properties tab.
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (or Version 6 if desired),
Click Properties,
Click Use DNS Server Addresses below,
Replace these addresses with DNS addresses:

For IPv4: and
For IPv6: 2606: 4700: 4700: 1111 or 2606: 4700: 4700: 1001
Click OK and then Close,
Restart your browser.
MacOS settings:
Open System Preferences,
Search DNS Servers and select them from the drop down menu,
To add a DNS Server, click the “+” button and enter,
Click the “+” symbol again and enter,
Click OK and then click Apply. How to make DNS modem settings?
Connect to your preferred wireless network,
Enter the IP address of your router in your browser,
If prompted, enter your username and password,
Find DNS server settings on the configuration page of your router,
Type the DNS server entry,
Change the required places as follows,
For IPv4: and
For IPv6: 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1111 and 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1001
Save your settings
Restart your browser.


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