It’s released! Minecraft Dungeons officially arrives on PCs and consoles


Closing a wait of almost two years when we consider its official announcement, Mojang started to make available today the newest bet of the developer for the games market: “Minecraft Dungeons”.

Bringing simple and visual mechanics already known to fans of the franchise, the game (which has undergone recent analysis here) offers two levels of difficulty and focuses on fighting instead of building traditional views, therefore being considered a spin-off of the original version.

Like the other games in the franchise, Minecraft Dungeons offers the possibility to play both alone and in the cooperative mode, be it online or local, thus allowing friends to meet together to face the missions both from a distance and at home.

In all, two versions of the game were made available, namely the ‘Standard Edition’ which guarantees the license of the game and the ‘Hero Edition’ which includes, in addition to the game itself, a Hero Cape, two skins for players and a chicken pet, in addition to the right to the two DLC packs that will be released in the future, when they become available.


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