Released “Je suis Marseille” MV with Jul IAM


Good news for the fans of JuL and the “13 organized” team, their video “Je suis Marseille” has just been released on YouTube!

Rapper JuL has been teasing the release of the clip “Je suis marseillais” for days, a clip eagerly awaited by fans! And for good reason, this is the famous song with the group IAM!

Thus, this Friday, November 20, 2020, Internet users were rewarded for their patience! Indeed, the clip was finally released on YouTube today!

Thus, rapper JuL posted an extract via his Instagram feed! A post the “It’s not lol” performer captioned: “It’s the team on YouTube. ”


Akhenaton, Jul, Algérino, Alonzo, Shurik’n, Fahar, Sch, the rat Luciano… The song “Je suis Marseille” from the album “13 organized” brings together a lot of French rap stars! Thus, Internet users rushed to YouTube to finally watch the clip!

Indeed, in the space of just a few hours, the video in question has already accumulated more than 200,000 views, a real record! The comments under the video are also very numerous… And one thing is certain, Internet users already validate this clip!

“There is only JuL to bring together all the rappers from Marseille and make a diamond record”, “Crazy clip, it’s amazing to see so many talented rappers together for the same song! “” What a nugget this taffy, already a classic! »We can read on the video platform!

Comments all more positive than the others which will therefore please the whole team of “13 organized” that JuL has assembled! So we let you admire an extract of the clip in question below, watch your eyes!

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