Released clip with MC Aori and Jonas Pheer


In an unusual and incredible crossover, the Depression 16-bit humor collective worked with musicians MC Aori and Jonas Pheer to release a new music video! 

As expected, the video is pure nostalgia and well emulates the aesthetics of video games from the early 1990s. For those who are tuned into the hip hop scene, there are several easter eggs hidden throughout the clip.

Jonas Pheer contributed by sending a beat directly to Aori, who left the material in store for months while ideas for the song took shape. Fortunately, everyone involved in the production was very responsible in these times of the coronavirus pandemic and the material was all recorded at a distance.

This is just the first song that MC Aori releases on the Mondé label, and there is already a complete album ready to be released in the near future. What did you think of the song and the clip? Comment below!


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