Released a new vertical motion picture shot with iPhone


Apple continues its attempts to show how powerful iPhone cameras are. The short film The Stunt Double, shot on vertical cinema using the iPhone 11 Pro, has been released on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

iPhone vertical film The Sunt Double released

The short film entitled The Stunt Double, shot by Oscar winner Damien Chazelle, shot entirely on the iPhone 11Pro, features vertical cinema. The 9-minute movie gives us great tips for our future cinema experience.

Apple for the published short film; “The Stunt Double, a short film by Damien Chazelle shot on the iPhone 11 Pro, has been redesigned to go on a journey through the history of the movie with its Vertical Screen view. “From action movies to silent movies, from spy movies to the wild west, watch the remake and modernization of the movie magic we know and love.”

The movie contains a lot of important information about how people can create their own cinematic image, create it using a vertical screen, and the tricks of wide-angle lenses.

The Stunt Double behind the scenes footage

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