The release date of “Uncharted” is delayed by COVID-19


Production of the “Uncharted” movie was finally slated to begin production a few weeks ago, but the video game’s adoption has been further delayed. confirms that Sony Pictures has delayed the release date of the “Uncharted” movie once again, bringing the movie from its release date of March 5, 2021 to October 8 of that same year. It marks the latest production delay for the film, which was set as recently as this January for a December 2020 release date.

The studio delayed several other movies today, including “Morbius,” “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” and apparently “Venom 2.”

Production for the Uncharted film had been scheduled for a six-week delay in filming due to the coronavirus pandemic, a time frame that seems unlikely now given the severity of the outbreak worldwide.

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