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Cobra Kai is an American martial arts drama created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg. The series is a continuation of The Karate Kid films and takes place 34 years after the events of The Karate Kid.

When will season 3 of Cobra Kai arrive on Netflix?

Officially, Season 3 of Cobra Kai is coming to Netflix on January 8, 2021 as announced on October 2, 2020.

Originally, the expectation was that Cobra Kai season 3 would hit Netflix “in late summer” after series co-creator Jon Hurwitz was asked the question in a question and answer session on Twitter.

However, Netflix pushed it back even further when it released a new trailer for seasons 1 and 2 and the video finale confirms that Cobra Kai season 3 wouldn’t be released until 2021.

This was a contentious issue given that filming for the series has ended for several months and fans were expecting a season 3 release in 2020.

How many episodes can we expect from the third season?

We already have confirmation that Cobra Kai will return with ten more episodes. Each episode will last approximately 30 minutes, so you can enjoy approximately five hours again Cobra Kai.

Will Netflix continue the series beyond season 3?

The answer is yes! Along with the announcement of the date for season 3, they announced that season 4 would be happening.

When we originally heard that Netflix was in the race to acquire Cobra Kai, we heard that one of the conditions set was that it would be renewed beyond its third season. Season 4 of Cobra Kai is set to begin filming in early 2021.

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