Is There Any Relationship With The Coronary Virus Outbreak?


A group of conspiracy theory enthusiasts around the world believe that 5G technology triggers the coronavirus outbreak. This argument finds supporters on social media from time to time. In reality, there is no connection between 5G and the virus.

The coronavirus has spread all over the world and has spread to hundreds of countries. Case news is coming from every country that can be communicated in any way and is a primary health service. Such an epidemic, of course, has its own conspiracy theories.

Another thing that is the subject of many conspiracy theories is 5G. Some people believe that thanks to 5G, their brains can be controlled remotely, even that is the number one reason in the development of this technology. The virus and 5G come together in a common paranoia: The claim that 5G triggered the virus.

What is 5G?
5G technology has come, well, the test phase has begun to enter our lives. Many companies have launched 5G products and 5G supported devices. Some countries have reached the final stage in infrastructure works.

So what is this 5G? 5G is a technological infrastructure that will technically increase the connection speeds of our devices in an instant by using a new bandwidth in the future. According to conspiracy theorists, this technology is not safe, it has not been adequately tested and will serve very sinister evils.

Although the year 2020 is progressing at a consistency that will not find disaster movies, 5G technology is not a MacGuffin (what is used to connect the story) in the B-class thriller / science fiction of the 80s. It is the next generation in the inevitable development of the existing cellular data connection.

5G and human health
The main change with respect to 5G is the introduction of a connection with a millimeter wavelength between 30-300 GHz in the new technology. There are those who say that this feature, called mmWave, is a new, more harmful type of radiation, and it processes it under our skin, weakening our cells, and reducing our resistance and making it susceptible to cancer.

This information is also not real. In reality, mmWave emits weaker signals than traditional 3G and 4G communication. It cannot exceed 5G toughened glass or most buildings, which cannot even pass the thin layer just under our skin. Moreover, 5G is not even a new technology, it has been used since 2011.

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Something unknown, as in many conspiracy theories, is used to trigger fear in a topic that people don’t know much about. There are many logic steps that must be skipped to cause 5G to coronavirus.

5G and Coronavirus claims
The main idea is that the outbreak started weeks after the first 5G tests. Radiation virus from 5G triggered. The basic claim is to create a system that will kill billions of people using 5G.

Of course, crazy theories are not so limited. According to one theory, the virus is transmitted to people affected by radiation and die when 5G is active. Another theory is that 5G by Bill Gates brought us to a “low-vibrational position”, thereby aiming to reduce the human population. In the next sentence, they are all overcoming us for some reason. This vaccine is not a drug, it will be used for a chip that controls us.

The most entertaining part of the theory is that the person who makes comic book plans to change the world – Bill Gates in this story – does it publicly. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports many scientific studies. One of these, the Pirbright Institute, is working on coronaviruses that pass from animal to human. Conspiracy theorists present this as evidence.

Coronavirus is a generic name in our literature which means enveloped virus. So why did Pitbright need to investigate this issue? The fact that other coronavirus samples such as SARS and MERS have been experienced in the recent past is a very valid reason for people to want to take action on this issue.

The World Health Organization and independent researchers reveal that the source of the Covid-19 outbreak is animals, and the issue has nothing to do with 5G from afar. Sector representatives also refute the claims.


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