Rei IVE Meets and Gives Autographed Album to His Role Model, Red Velvet’s Joy


ReI IVE recently met his idol and role model, Red Velvet’s Joy. Through Instagram Story, Joy uploaded an autographed IVE album photo and her photo while posing with Rei.

On the album there is also a message written by Rei to Joy, whom he uses as his role model and idol.

The message reads, “To senior Joy who I really respect. Hello seniors, I am Rei IVE! Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a singer when I saw you. I hope that one day, I can become a great singer who can bring happiness to everyone, like you. Please support.”

While uploading his photo with Rei, Joy also wrote a message, “Angel. So cute, little Rei. Spirit!” wrote the idol.

Rei himself is currently busy with IVE promotional activities with their debut song entitled ‘ELEVEN’.