Regret Henry Cavill’s role in Superman


As we know, Superman is not in the books of DC Comics at the moment. But does Henry Cavill have any regrets about this role? Of course, the failure of the franchise is not due to the actor but we tell you a little more.

Man of Steel was released in 2013. Since then, nothing. Finally if we put aside Batman VS Superman which for once was a total failure. For many reasons, but certainly not because of the actor’s acting. Besides, he always felt frustrated that he did not have more free will.

The Superman from the latest movies is not the one we know from the comics. Henry Cavill agrees on the matter. Normally, Superman is a selfless, inherently good person. But in Man of Steel we discover a rather “dark” character.

And the actor’s regret is that he didn’t show all aspects of the superhero. “We still have an opportunity to show who Superman really is. To show the joy, the hope and how much power he has to make people believe in themselves. ”


It was then with a little disappointment that Henry Cavill saw his character being shelved. At the moment there is still no question of making a sequel. We will soon see Aquaman 2 on our screens but not Superman.

The actor did not hesitate to open up to in 2018. He explained that he regretted that his character was so dark. A memory he hadn’t had reading the comics as a child. So even if the actor loves this super hero, he finds that we do not talk about all of his facets.

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“I am ready to be Superman to show the world the best examples,” Henry Cavill told the website. He now wants to restore the image of the super hero for the next films. Case to be continued.


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