He knows exactly who it is — he hopes. The head of the NFL team reacted to the theory of fans that Tom Brady took a personal vacation to shoot the eighth season of “The Masked Singer.”

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“I hope Tom Brady will still be in The Masked Singer by the time we go to Tampa in November,” Los Angeles Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff joked during the broadcast of his team’s game against the Houston Texans on Friday, August 19. “So, if that’s the case, maybe we’ll have a chance.”

Earlier this month, the 45-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback announced he was taking time off from the team to resolve “personal” matters. During an August 11 press conference, Bucks head coach Todd Bowles said Brady had discussed his temporary departure with the team prior to the start of training camp in July, noting only that the reason for leaving was “something he needs to deal with.”

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Although the athlete did not provide any additional information about his break, fans have put forward theories about what could have inspired the California native to take a break. Football analyst Kendall Valenzuela detailed her idea of a masked singer last week in a Twitter video that has since gone viral.

Valenzuela noted that the participants of the Masked Singer contest should keep their participation a secret, which explains why Brady and the Pirates did not explain his absence. The commentator also noted that in May, the NFL star signed a $375 million contract with Fox Sports to become their lead football analyst when he decides to retire from the league—and “The Masked Singer” airs on Fox.

The Instagram account of the show also commented on the rumors by sharing a video on Instagram that included a screenshot of Brady’s caption, followed by footage of various sports trophies and a live goat. “This news is getting out of control… 🐐👀,” read the caption to the clip.

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If Brady does appear on a reality show, he won’t be the first NFL player, or even the first Buccaneer, hiding behind a mask. Antonio Brown, who played with Brady in both the Bucs and New England Patriots, participated in the first season of the show in 2019 as a Behemoth (and dropped out in the first episode).

Rob Gronkowski, another Patriots and Bucks alumnus, appeared in the third season of The Masked Singer as a White Tiger, eventually ending up in Supergirl. After his expulsion, the former tight end, 33, joked that football and the Masked Singer actually cause “very similar” bouts of nervousness.

“You get a little tremor, your nerves are rumbling right before going on stage and before the big game,” he told Entertainment Weekly in April 2020. — It’s definitely a different state. It’s just the discovery of a whole new aspect in your body. It’s good when you’re done.”


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