Regé-Jean Page Skipped The Shirt And Went Blazer Only For Dungeons And Dragons Premiere


It is well known that Regé-Jean Page is a courteous and stylish guy. This person really knows how to rock a suit and finds a way to make it unique every time. This week, the star of the upcoming movie “Dungeons and Dragons” proved this fact once again by walking on the red carpet at the premiere of the film D&D in a perfectly tailored suit, shirtless.

If you take a look at Regé-Jean Page’s Instagram, you will see that he always wears a suave image that is both classic and completely unique. He usually wears a classic suit tailored to perfection, but adds fun elements like bold color, texture, or even jewelry to make the look his own. However, this time, instead of adding an element to make Page’s image stand out, he and his stylist Holly McNaghten removed part of the classic ensemble of the suit, the shirt, and he looked amazing.

Anyone who watched Page in the first season of Bridgerton knows that the guy is in impeccable shape and knows how to wear a suit. Thus, removing the shirt and putting on a classic black suit, a brochure chain and a simple chain was an excellent choice. The appearance was both sophisticated and sexy at the same time, which is quite appropriate, given that he plays a knight saving the world in the game Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which received positive reviews.

This view also draws on the hilarious and cheeky nature of the film. The entire cast of Dungeons and Dragons was in funny outfits, as was Paige at the premiere. Justice Smith was dressed in a pale blue suit and a mesh T-shirt, and Chris Pine was dressed in a spectacular bright orange tie. Meanwhile, the women from the cast also showed off amazing looks: Sofia Lillis in a textured black suit and Michelle Rodriguez in a gorgeous black dress. Overall, everyone looked amazing on the carpet, but the shirtless image of Page was more than worthy of fainting.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see Page return to Bridgerton as a very fashionable and suave duke, but as he continues to star in fun projects like Dungeons & Dragons, I’m sure the charismatic actor won’t lack for great looks. In addition, hypothetically, if Paige somehow becomes the next James Bond, then we really know that we are waiting for a few more epic images from the actor. And who knows, maybe more of them will have a stylish shirtless moment.

I am sure that during the year we will get more cool and unique images from Jean-Jean Page, like this amazing shirtless moment in a blazer. While we are waiting for new great costumes from the actor, you can look at him in “Dungeons and Dragons”, where he will wear armor instead of the classic costume.

You’ll be able to see Dungeons and Dragons in theaters on March 31, and be sure to check out our movie schedule for 2023 to find out what other movies are coming to theaters soon.


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