ReFork project invites you to fight disposable plastics


ReFork project invites you to fight disposable plastics. Aiming to eliminate the negative impact of plastic waste on the environment, ReFork invites you to fight against plastics.

ReFork brings a global solution to disposable plastics. The project’s unique recyclable material emerges as a response to the European Union and China’s expected restrictions to be implemented soon.

ReFork’s materials made from renewable sources are based on a special wood mixture of waste wood. The main focus of the project is the mass production of materials with the packaging industry and gastronomy practices. The company aims to eliminate the environmental impact of plastic waste and improve the ecological status of the planet.

ReFork also has a service token called “EFK” that powers the ReFork ecosystem. These tokens are used by partners and retail customers to purchase ReFork products.

ReFork has been awarded the second prize in the product category by a specialist jury by distinguishing among 270 projects at the prestigious environmental award E.ON Globe.

ReFork currently produces and distributes ecological products such as knives, forks and spoons in the Czech Republic. The company plans to build production facilities in every major region.

Join ReFork’s war with disposable plastics.

For more information, go to ReFork’s official Telegram channel or email [email protected]

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