References to Dragon Ball in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes


One of the best features of senen media is how they constantly communicate with themselves. Tropes, archetypes of characters and even skeletons of stories are used and interpreted in a new way in each new title, and those that are considered legendary continue to have an interesting influence on their successors. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a prequel manga series by Kohei Horikoshi, written by Hideyuki Furuhashi with art by Betten Court, and it is important because it incredibly depicts the past of professional hero Shota Aizawa.

The spin—off series contains several Easter eggs throughout the 127 chapters, but one thing it does in particular is make some wonderful references to Dragon Pearls, culminating in one of the most interesting references to Son Goku seen in the recent anime, Oboro Shirakumo. Here’s how My Hero Academia: Vigilantes makes extensive references to Akira Toriyama’s legendary franchise.


The action of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes takes place a little confusing before the events of the main story. The sequence of events and how they relate to the main events of the original story indicate that the events of each story are no more than a few years apart, and “Vigilantes” also take place in the universe for three years. The presence of various modern heroes is an important key to connecting the timelines; however, the fact that the series shows the origin of the man who eventually becomes the Hero Killer is a Blot; as well as Iida’s older brother before meeting the aforementioned, which ended his career, means that the events of Vigilantes occurred at least two years before the events of the main storyline and no more than four or five years.

One of the main reasons why fans of the spin-off yearned for the anime adaptation of “Vigilantes” is that it brilliantly shows the origin story of one of the most popular characters in the franchise, Shota Aizawa (hero’s name: Eraser Head | Quirk: erasure). The series gives more context to the disclosure in the main story of the true identity of the villain Kurogiri as Shirakumo, who once died while studying with a Prince (for example, a musician) due to events caused by none other than himself All For One. Shirakumo is introduced in chapter 59 of The Vigilantes, showing that he is a cheerful opponent of the gloomy and brooding Aizawa.

“Don’t lose, Shota!”

Back in high school, Aizawa deeply lamented the lack of strength and did not think that his quirk could be useful when it comes to saving people. In the series “Vigilantes” All For One regularly steal and experiment with Quirks, organize large-scale terrorist attacks and create insanely powerful villains. After seeing Shirakumo’s quirk, All For One wanted her for himself, while continuing to experience the genetic horrors known as Nomu. No. 6, the intelligent Nomu is one of the main driving factors of several terrible incidents that preceded the main story, and it is his actions in “Vigilantes” that inspire Everyone For One to create such a Nomu that could go face to face. a finger with the Almighty.

The giant villain known as Garvey was released, and Aizawa and Shirakumo were in the area during their work study. The villain’s ability to steal quirks causes mass carnage, and Shirakumo finds himself crushed under a collapsing building after being knocked unconscious by a huge villain. Unable to process his friend’s death at the moment, Aizawa mistakenly believes he hears Shirakumo’s voice from the speaker in his gourd water bottle, prompting him to defeat the creature. Inspired by the applause of Shirakumo, Aizawa single-handedly defeats the giant beast, saving the locals. Only when the dust settles and it rains does reality overtake Aizawa: no one encouraged him – Aizawa did everything himself. Oboro was already dead.

Boo? It’s you

In “Vigilantes,” many of the villains’ appearances are associated with the spread of a potent and addictive drug that significantly increases a person’s quirk. There are various types of villains generated by the effect of this substance on the story as part of the comprehensive plot of the antagonist of the series “All for One”. The chapter “Vigilantes” depicts a professional hero-eraser, hot on the heels of a couple of villains who robbed a bank and tried to escape.

One of the villains’ designs apparently had a direct reference to Dragon Ball Z villain Majin Buu, dressing the character in the same vest and baggy pants as the versions of Buu Innocent and Evil respectively. The link ends when one of Aizawa’s classmates, Sensoji (hero’s name: Mr. Blaster | Quirk: Explosion), demonstrates his ability that allows him to shoot from his hands. His usual move is to shoot them quickly with both hands, like a Vegeta.


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