Referees’ Chance of Yellow Cards Reduced in FIFA 21


EA has released patch 1.06 for FIFA 21 on all platforms. The patch, which does not bring major changes to gameplay, promises to solve the ‘yellow card’ problem that annoys the players.

FIFA 21, the newest game of FIFA, one of the most popular soccer game series in the world, met with game lovers as of last month. Like every game, FIFA 21 has faced players with many problems and errors, and Electronic Arts offers a variety of new content to players while fixing the errors in FIFA 21 with the updates it publishes.

FIFA 21 1.06, the newest update to the popular soccer game; Introduced to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One players. With the 1.06 patch, which is currently downloadable on all platforms, many innovations are coming to both gameplay and different game modes. Since you can already view the patch notes when you open the game, we will talk about some of the gameplay and the innovations in Ultimate Team mode in this content.

Referees less likely to issue yellow cards in FIFA 21

One of the issues that annoyed the players the most in FIFA 21 was that the referees were extremely brutal about the cards. With the 1.06 patch, the chances of referees giving yellow cards are reduced. In addition, the Ball Rolling Back to Scoop movement can now only be performed with the skill move 5-star players. In the meantime, let’s note that the Royal Wave was added to the random goal joys.

What’s new for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team with 1.06 patch

When you place a bid on a player from the transfer market tab while on the squad screen, if another player passes this offer or your bid wins, you will see a new animation. Also, a new icon has been added to the transfer market tab of the squad screen to indicate the current bid status of the players.

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When we come to the innovations in the direct transfer market; Now, when you search for an anthem, cheer, goal song or club nickname, a preview of the sound will appear on the offer options screen. In addition, common messaging windows have been updated to be specific. In the meantime, it should be noted that the round-trip ping value will be displayed on the match entry screen instead of the one-way ping value.


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