“Referee”: Twenty4Tim angry at Amira Pocher?


Twenty4Tim (22) apparently insists! Many influential people on social networks are afraid of criticism from Amira (29) and Oliver Pochera (44). The two have established themselves as real content cops in recent years and mostly report web star errors, which has often led to loud arguments. Twenty4Tim was now annoyed by exactly the kind of behavior that he could have meant by Amira!

“On social media, some people just appoint themselves as referees, especially female referees, and then think they have to evaluate everything,” Twenty4Tim is annoyed in his Instagram story. The double standard here is that, in his opinion, these “arbitrators” will be annoyed by what others are doing on the Internet, but then use it for their own content. Since Amira continues to use her Instagram stories to criticize influencers like Ann Wunsch (31), it’s possible that he’s referring to a 29-year-old girl here. “I don’t think it’s a good thing that some influencers are doing there, but I wouldn’t always associate it with the work of an influencer,” he said, but did not name any names.

Recently, Amira criticized the so-called influencer sweepstakes, in which participants often have to subscribe to many other accounts in order to have a chance to win. Influencer Ann raffled food coupons among her subscribers, apparently, Amira felt there was only one way to get new subscribers. But Ann resisted and shot back!


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