Ree Drummond’s Salad Bar Salad is a “super-fast last—minute Meal”


Food Network star Ree Drummond offers all the novelties of the salad bar at your fingertips. The recipe of the hostess of the “Pioneer Woman”, in which everyone will find something to taste, is a fun and festive way to prepare a salad at home.

Drummond offers creative advice on how to make the most of salad bars.

The culinary personality in her cookbook “A pioneer Woman cooks – very simply” offers an original way to make a salad bar from a grocery store work for you.

“Supermarket salad bars have always been a smart way to buy a small amount of various vegetables, meats and condiments in cans for those times when you don’t want to buy a whole bushel or container,” Drummond writes. “And for those times when you need to grab the ingredients for an ultra-fast dinner at the last minute!”

In addition to a clamshell container with salad ingredients for one, the mother of four children offers to buy already chopped vegetables for almost instant frying when you get home. Just cook the protein of your choice and add the vegetables to the salad bar. The same goes for kale and egg salads: just buy conveniently sliced and diced ingredients at the salad bar and cook them at home.

Another delicious salad recipe from Ree Drummond from Food Network.

Her salad recipe “glorifies” all the best that is in salad bars.

Drummond reflected on salad bars in her cookbook: “Salad bars drive me crazy, because they’re not really about salad at all, but about how many non-salad ingredients you can put on a few mandatory pieces of salad. This main course salad celebrates all the wonderful (and non-aesthetic) American salad bars in a fun and beautiful way!”

Her ode to salads from the salad bar includes romano salad, English cucumber, red onion, grated cheddar cheese, diced hard-boiled eggs, grated carrots or sliced carrots, thawed peas, sliced bacon, halves of grape tomatoes and salad dressing. your choice.

The variations are endless: don’t you like romaine lettuce? Try the iceberg. Not a fan of onions? Maybe chopped green onions will do better.

Get Drummond’s recipe at The Pioneer Woman Cooks—Super Easy or on The Food Network website.

Drummond’s Salad Bar Salad is a success with reviewers.

Home cooks have joined the Food Network website, giving a thumbs up in favor of Drummond’s easy-to-cook meal.

“I made it for a big event and served it with a spinach and greens salad. There wasn’t a drop left and everyone liked it. Good luck with Ri recipes and I will definitely do it again,” one person wrote.

Another reviewer added: “Ri, another great recipe!! This recipe was so simple and easy to prepare. Our family liked it!!!”

One person even served it for a festive dinner with excellent results: “I did it for the Thanksgiving dinner, and it was a huge success! The clothes are amazing. I used roasted pumpkin seeds and arugula (because that was what I had at home) and it was the best salad I’ve ever eaten.”