Redwall: Netflix acquires rights to books to produce series

It was recently reported that Netflix acquired the rights to the books in the Redwall series, written by Brian Jacques, to produce a new serial story directly for streaming, as well as movies.

In addition, Netflix also intends to release an animated feature film wrapped in the fantastic universe of the British author’s work. It is worth remembering that, even, the plot has already been adapted into another series animated by the Canandese Teletoon, launched in the 1990s and broadcast on the PBS channel.

The deal was made official between streaming and Penguin Random House Children, the publisher that owns the rights to the books.

The novels are estimated to have sold around 30 million copies worldwide, narrating the adventures of extremely charismatic and heroic animals that inhabit the forest refuge of Redwall Abbey.

Learn more about the new Redwall adaptations on Netflix

Netflix has already started working on new projects and has hired Patrick McHale as the lead writer for the first film. The writer was well known for creating the series Over the Garden Wall, launched by Cartoon Network, and also for participating in the development of the new film about Pinocchio, produced by Guillermo del Toro.

The new series based on the characters of Redwall will be starring the warrior Martin, a wise and ferocious rat who helped in the foundation of Redwall Abbey together with Abbess Germaine.

“Brian would have been very happy to see that Netflix shares his joy and desire to bring his stories to life with a new universe of films, series and more for diverse audiences of all ages,” commented Alan Ingram, representative of the company that watches over the intellectual property of Jacques’ work since the author’s death in 2011.

Let’s wait for more news!



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