Redmi TV Max introduced: here are the features

Redmi Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi appeared with the K40 series at its event today. Apart from the smart phone models with excitement for a long time, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Max smart television has also been renewed. Here are the Redmi TV Max smart television and its features that appeared at the launch:

Redmi TV Max 86 inches impresses with its features

The smart television, which has a 97.25 percent screen-to-case ratio, comes up with a very thin frame. This giant screen to body ratio was introduced to be equal to the screen to body ratio of four 43-inch TVs.

The giant screen of Redmi TV Max has a resolution of 4K. This high quality screen comes with a 120 Hz screen refresh feature.

Among the newly introduced Redmi TV Max features, HDMI 2.1 support also stands out. The smart television, which also supports Dolby Vision Panoroma technology, is equipped with 2 12.5 W speakers.

Redmi TV Max determined the screen size to 86 inches due to handling problems of the 98-inch giant version produced last year. This preference of the company is the difficulty of carrying the Redmi TV Max models introduced last year. Therefore, 86 inches was preferred as the maximum size that can be carried in the elevator.

Redmi also made changes to make the packaging fit in the elevator. Thus, the new smart TV will be packaged to fit all elevators.

The new Redmi Max smart TV will be available on March 4.



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