Redmi SonicBass and Earbuds 2c headphones introduced!


SonicBass and Earbuds 2c headphones, positioned as affordable, were introduced. These two headphones, in wireless and in-ear form, carry the Redmi signature and the number of users to which they speak is quite high. Here are the features and price of SonicBass and Earbuds 2c:

Affordable new members: SonicBass and Earbuds 2c features

Different members are participating in wireless headset models every day. Two new members join Redmi to wireless headphones, which have turned into a space where almost every user will find what they want from high priced to very high performance, and the most striking part of these two new headphones is their prices. Let’s take a look at the details of these earbuds announced as part of an event.

SonicBass ve Earbuds 2c ozellikleri-00

Redmi SonicBass has a neck strap design. The headset can be charged via micro USB and offers 12 hours of use. This headset, which has 9.2 mm dynamic drivers, has physical keys in its design. In this way, music or call controls can be made. The headset is compatible with both Google’s voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

SonicBass ve Earbuds 2c ozellikleri

Redmi Earbuds 2c reminds us of a model as a design. These headphones, which are in the design of the very popular wireless headphones signed by Xiaomi, offer 4 hours of use. The headset, which has a stylish matte design, has a 300mAh battery. The headphone offers a 12-hour lifespan with its charging box.

The headset is supported by bluetooth 5 and offers an uninterrupted sound experience up to 10 meters. This headset also has voice assistant support like SonicBass. There is a button on the headset, and the controls can be made easily from here.

SonicBass and Earbuds 2c stand out with their real price as well as their features. The Redmi SonicBass has a price tag of $ 17, and the other model Redmi Earbuds 2c can be purchased for $ 20.


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