Redmi Note 10S: How Does The “Brain” Of This Device Work?


Redmi Note 10S: In this first semester, a new device from Xiaomi is arriving in Brazil and bringing several high-level features to consumers. We’re talking about Redmi Note 10S, a premium intermediary, which bets on the artificial intelligence camera and the high-efficiency battery to win over consumers.

All of this is possible thanks to Xiaomi’s partnership with MediaTek, which is the manufacturer of the Helio G95 processor. To explain this whole story, we spoke with Hernan Descalzi (mobile manager at MediaTek for the Southern Cone) and with Luciano Barbosa (head of the Xiaomi operation in Brazil).

You can check the complete interview in the video that is here in this article. The two tell the details of the camera, the multitasking system, the audio and video possibilities… And they also show how the Helios G95 helps in all of this. Also check this link for more details about the device and where you can purchase a unit.


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